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Corporate ID


Profile clothing

If you want to brand your company and create a common company identity, we recommend our Corporate ID collection, where you yourself design your company clothing. We use sublimation printing, which means that the colors last longer, it is breathable and the design / logos do not crack as some types of transfer printing, as the color molecules on the paper are heated directly into the fibers of the fabric. We have no limitations on colors, so it is only the imagination that sets limits. In this way, you can create your own expression and thereby strengthen the company's level of recognition and image.

Profile clothing with its own design and logo is very popular, and can be used anywhere for marketing activities, fairs, campaigns and just as everyday business apparel.

Minimum order for this concept is 15 pcs. with only 7 weeks delivery time.


There are three ways to order Team Wear:

1. Vangard is making the design – all you have to do is sending the logo you want on the clothes

2. You can use one of our samples – You can change the colors and logo

3. You can also choose to send us the design you want on the clothes


Corporate ID