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Trade Terms



Delivery- and trade terms

Purchase of goods

In our e-shop you can use the following means of payment:

Dankort and VISA/Dankort
If you represent a company or a public institution, you can possibly contact us for payment by invoice. Remember to state the order number, name and address, if you make prepayment.

If you are paying with credit cards you are always secured against misuse. Here you have the possibility to cancel a payment, when you receive you payment overview. You have no coinsurance in case of your card being misused in an e-shop, using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) in their payment system. In that way you are more secured than in the physical world, where you have a coinsurance of 1200 DKK, when your VISA/ Dankort is misused by the use of a PIN-code.

Dankort, VISA/Dankort, VISA payment is provided through Bambora Danmark A/S payment gateway. Bambora Danmark A/S is approved by PBS and through them all the current regulations concerning card payment on the internet are handled by Bambora Danmark A/S and PBS. For more information click, og

We are allowed to send newletters to the e-mailadress, which has been used for shopping on our webshop. 

Privacy policy:
The business understands and respects the importance of privacy on the Internet. The business will not disclose information about customers / users to third parties, unless it is necessary to implement a transaction. The store will not sell your name, address, email address, credit card or personal information to any third party without your prior consent


The delivery is handled by GLS and if the article is on stock, it will be sent from us within 1-3 workdays . In case of the article being out of stock you will be notified per mail 3 days after ordering the latest.

Postage and shipment

If you live in Denmark and are paying with Dankort, VISA/Dankort or by prepayment, an amount is added depending on, if you choose to have your order delivered to your place of work or your home address.

Regardless of the weight of the package, there will be added a fixed fee to the shipment costs.


GLS – Delivery at a package shop or a company address – freight costs are: 59,00 DKK.

Order for more than 500.- DKK and we deliver free of charge.

If you live abroad, we will calculate the current freight rate.


If you live outside the EU (including Greenland and The Faroe Islands) the Danish tax is deducted from the retail price (which is 20% of the listed prices). The shipment is done for the account and risk of buyer and only by prepayment.




1.      Receipt of order

  1. Any order is received with caution of strike, lock-out, accidents or other cases of force majeure, including failing defective delivery from raw materials- and subsuppliers.
  2. The salesman is entitled to postpone the on the front page mentioned delivery time with maximum 30 days after the specified delivery date.
  3. If the company needs to obtain further information with regards to the proper preparation of the order or in any other way needs to clarify some matters, the delivery time from the company will be postponed accordingly.
  4. The customer is not allowed to change or cancel an order later than 6 weeks before the specified delivery date.
  5. The company reserves its right to deliver any order regarding to quantity with a margin of +/- 10%

 2.      Claim

  1. If a customer considers a delivery to be defective, the claim has to be announced immediately after the time, where the defects have been discovered and 30 days after receipt of the goods the latest
  2. A claim should be made in writing and include a precise description of the defects and possibly be accompanied by samples or similar, with which the company can use to estimate the matter of the claim. A claim is not stated, unless something else is agreed, before all the necessary information is available for the company.
  3. Conditions that are assumed to have been known at earlier deliveries to the same customer, but where not estimated as flaws or defects, cannot be claimed as flaws and defects at a later delivery, unless it can be documented, that the respective matter regarding to special terms for the later delivery causes a flaw or a defect. 
  4. The fact, that the company receives a claim for estimation or starts negotiations by stating the claim, does not prevent the company from pleading that the claim is stated too late or the liability of the company is limited, unless the company has stated an offer of compensation or other compensation, without stating that the offer is given  without prejudice for a later legal decision.

 The liability of the company

In case of an admitted claim the company is entitled to repair or fix flaws or defects at its own bill. Does the company not wish to do this, or can It not be fixed, the company is liable for the expenses of the customer for the delivered goods, however the company is not liable for lost profit or for any demand from a third party.

 Other regulations

  1. Marketing material with technical information or other information concerning the company or other use of such information etc. towards a third party cannot take place without the approval from the company and such a possible approval can for that matter never incur liability from the company.
  2. Ved overskridelse af vore betalingsbetingelser, beregnes renter med 2% pr. påbegyndt måned, regnet fra forfaldsdatoen.
  3. By violation of our payment terms, there will be an addition of interest of 2% per month entered into, from the due date of payment.
  4. Second grade will be sent and invoiced with 25% off.

Local court and legal basis

Local court is Sø- & Handelsretten in Copenhagen. Legal matters between the company and the customer shall in every respect be decided according to the regulations of the Danish court.


Vangàrd Retail A/S

Personal data

When buying online, your personal data is only used to process your order and provide customer service. No personal information is shared with 3. parties